Thursday, July 14, 2011

honeymoon in Barbados (part 5)

For the last day of our honeymoon, the mister set up a very special excursion. While researching things to do outside of the trips offered by our resort, he found a small, family-run stable that offered horseback rides. The reviews were amazing, so he called and arranged for us to take a one hour ride. The owners, Sam and Bernard, who are husband and wife, were extremely nice and very accommodating. Bernard picked us up at our resort and drove us to their home, where we signed some paperwork and got set up on our horses. Bernard, and his assistant, Sham, then took us and one other couple on our ride. Bernard was a wonderful tour guide, sharing with us the history and culture of Barbados as well as entertaining us with some of his poems and freestyle raps. He called it "edu-tainment." I also lucked out that he volunteered to take my camera, so we have some great photos of us on our horses.

Bernard (on the left) and Sam (on the right) helping the mister up on his horse, Bishop

me and Zorro

and we're off!

Bishop had to be put on a lead for part of the trip because he was being ornery

Bishop was not happy to be in the water. Zorro loved it.

back at the stables

Once we were done with our ride, Sam brought us some delicious fresh-squeezed juice and after we cooled off a bit Bernard drove us back to the resort. On the way back, he bought us some sugar cane to try. It's very hard and basically you just tear off a chunk and suck out the super sweet juice before spitting the cane back out. I couldn't even manage to tear off my own piece. The mister loved it, but I wasn't a huge fan.

Hands down, this was the best part of our trip. Sam and Bernard (and their two girls) are such a lovely family. Their business is well run and you can tell that they love what they do. We learned so much about the culture and history of Barbados and it was definitely more personal and intimate than the large resort-run tours.

Once we were back at our resort, tired and sore from our ride, we decided to top off the day with a couples' massage. It was absolutely heavenly and the perfect way to end our honeymoon. The next morning we were up at 3:30 to catch our 7am flight back to the states. Back to reality...


  1. it looks like it was such a fun horse ride! that's cool about the sugar cane thing too. i may have to do that one day!

  2. What an awesome excursion! I used to ride horses on occasion in California. So much fun!

  3. wow! that seems like an awesome day! I've always wanted to try sugar cane...but it sounds like too much work, haha! Glad you had such a great honeymoon!