Thursday, February 25, 2010


I saw this photo recently on Style Me Pretty and think it looks absolutely magical for an outdoor wedding. Definitely a different take on stringing white Christmas lights over the reception space. And they could probably be reused in our home after the wedding. I wonder how difficult it would be to pull something like that off? I remember in high school making a ball like that by dipping twine in watered down glue and placing it around a balloon. Then once it was dry, we popped the balloon and had a pretty decoration to hang from the ceiling. The ones above look like they could be twigs or branches though. Something to think about. Although with all of the other projects floating around in my head, I'll probably end up using whatever our event planner has available in their warehouse.

Has anyone else attempted to tackle such a large DIY project before the wedding?

Monday, February 15, 2010

I have such an amazing fiance

I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's Day! Today's post is about my amazing fiance and fabulous weekend. I will premise things by saying that Thursday was a pretty rotten day - the future mister's car broke down and my iPhone bit the dust. So things could only go up from there, and they sure did!

Friday, the south experienced quite a heavy dose of snow. I got "dismissed" from work around 3:00 and came home to a beautiful bouquet of gerbera daisies for our three year dating anniversary, which is next Sunday. We had dinner reservations planned for my 25th birthday (which was yesterday) and were debating whether or not to cancel. We decided to go because the roads didn't seem too bad and the future mister got a call from one of our friends saying she needed to borrow a book for a class they share together. It was kind of strange that she needed the book that night since I was going to see her for lunch the next day. hmmm.

The meal was wonderful. And afterward we drove over to our friend's apartment. The future mister knocked on the door and we heard them inside telling their dog to sit. Then he told me to open the door and go ahead. SURPRISE!!

My fabulous friends waiting for me to arrive.

My beautiful and delicious cake purchased by my wonderful fiance. And yes, that is a cake made by our wedding cake baker. YUM!

We had some strawberry daiquiris, stuffed ourselves with cake and watched some olympics. It was wonderful. Then on Saturday I met these same girls for lunch and we went to see Valentine's Day. Such a special weekend. I am so incredibly lucky to be marrying a man who took the time to plan and execute such a wonderful surprise! And I am also blessed with wonderful friends who helped him plan and spent their weekend celebrating with me!

Has your fiance/husband/significant other ever done anything to surprise you?

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

from hate to love: cake (part 2)

While at our tasting in the summer, we were able to sample a few different flavors. Since we're still over a year out, we'll wait until closer to the wedding to make a decision. However, no matter what the flavor ends up being, I do have a few opinions on how I want the cake to look.

I really love this cake with it's pretty ruffles, but it looks like it might be made out of fondant (which I'm not a fan of).

Instead, I think I'll be going for a more understated, homemade look like these:


I'm okay with your basic 3+ tier cake. However, I'd love to have a pretty cake display like some of these:





I've heard that a bunch of one tier cakes can be less expensive than one big wedding cake, so I'm definitely interested in finding out whether or not this is true. What are your thoughts on a cake buffet vs. one big wedding cake?