Thursday, April 22, 2010

typeface lovers anonymous

If there were such a thing, I'd probably be a member. For as long as I can remember I've always been enthralled with handwriting and fonts. Instead of doodling pictures or patterns in the margins of my paper, I doodle words in different styles of handwriting. I love inspecting other people's signatures. For a high school art project I had the task of drawing some sort of picture on the front page of my sketchbook. Instead, I used colored pencils to draw the words of my favorite things in block print, bubble letters, cursive, etc. I think you get the point.

Before I show you the fabulous (at least to me!) typeface I found for our wedding paper paraphernalia, I'll go through my favorite font websites and some of my favorite typefaces.

The BEST site for free commercial-use fonts. This came in handy while I was working as a designer (font used: blackjack).

Sometimes you have to sift through some junk, but this site has a very large free font library (font used: jane austen).

This is primarily a pay per typeface site, but they have about 300 or so listed as free (font used: good dog).

Submit your handwriting samples and have them turned into your very own font (font used: pea missy cursive). Super fun (and free)!

My go to place for free distressed type (font used: porcelain).

This site isn't free, so I've never actually purchased any of their fonts. But I do enjoy receiving their weekly e-newsletter (font used: Impact).

Last but not least is Veer. See that right there? That's our wedding font! Yes, I paid money for it, but this typeface was exactly what I was looking for - inspired by 18th century handwritten letters, romantic, and customizable. You see, there are multiple versions of every single letter, which makes it look more like handwriting than a cookie-cutter font. Let's see this baby in action:

Any other font lovers out there? What are your favorites? Has anyone else paid (or considered paying) for fonts for their wedding?

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