Thursday, November 18, 2010

and they're off!

Our save the dates, which have been many months in the making, are finally off to their new homes. When I first started this project I thought that I would be incredibly sad and reluctant to send them off. But, honestly, they have been such a pain in my butt as of late that I was actually sort of happy. That probably also has to do with the fact that they turned out better than I could have imagined (despite the frustration) and I'm excited that our friends and family will be able to see the fruits of my labor in only a few days time. I hope they all love them as much as I do!

all packed up and ready to go

the future mister kept me company last night by watching Forest Gump while I worked

How did you feel when you sent your save the dates out?


  1. How exciting! I don't think you've done a full reveal on these for us yet. Can't wait to see what they look like!

  2. It seems like forever ago that I sent my save the dates out... I was SO nervous. I can't wait to see the full reveal

  3. Exciting! That is a huge check off the list!