Friday, November 12, 2010

bridesmaid shoe-spiration

As of Wednesday afternoon all of the bridesmaid dresses have been ordered! They will all be wearing LulaKate dresses in different shades of blue. I'll let you know what we ended up choosing for the final colors a little bit later. For now, though, let's talk shoes. I'm going to let my lovely ladies pick their own shoes (or wear ones they already have), but I'm having a hard time deciding which direction I want to take. The choices are endless, I guess, but I've narrowed it down into a few different color categories - silver, gold, pewter, nude/beige/ivory, or something fun like raspberry or fuchsia.

What color do you think would go best with light blue/aqua/robin's egg blue dresses? Did you have your bridesmaids wear the same shoes or did they pick their own?

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  1. soooo many great shoes!! (this is my kinda post lol) i guess i would lean towards nude/beige/ivory if it was my dress. i let all of my girls pick their own shoe for sure...some had gold, some had silver, some had champagne, another ivory... they were long dresses and it made no difference to me what so ever. i wanted the girls to be comfortable and wear whatever made them feel dressed up and pretty. for some it was a super high heel, others lower. We just got married on 10/23 (I found your blog from the weddingbee post) and the only shoes that mattered to me the day of were mine.