Friday, November 19, 2010

why mail merge is my best friend

...when it comes to printing a boat-load of envelopes, that is.

I know I've already waxed poetic about Google Docs, but now it's time for me to share the love - with Word and the wonder (and time saver) that is Mail Merge. For those of you wanting hand-written or calligraphed envelopes, mail merge doesn't really apply. The future mister and I, however, decided to print on our save the date envelopes with the same font we used on the stds for a cohesive look and to save time and money. What's that you say? Re-typing a hundred or so names and addresses into word to print on envelopes doesn't save time? Mail merge to the rescue! If you already have a guest list set up in spreadsheet form, it won't take very long at all. A few clicks here, a few adjustments there and you have a Word doc with all of your envelopes ready to print.

(click to enlarge)

I've actually created a tutorial, which I'll post on Monday for those of you interested.

What shortcuts did you use (if any) to save your time and/or sanity during the planning process?


  1. We also printed the envelopes to save time. We used a handwritten font that still looked classy when printed. Major time saver!

  2. Ugh wish I could have seen your tutorial sooner! :) I found a wrap around template online and used it for our invites. We chose Edwardian Script font in a dark Espresso color. I'm sending our invites out tomorrow!