Wednesday, February 9, 2011

they're here....

Wedding dreams, that is.

Luckily nothing quite as bad as being naked up at the alter in front of hundreds of guests, but they definitely weren't happy, shiny, rainbow dreams. Last week I faintly remember dreaming about my wedding day hair. I miraculously woke up on the wedding day with super long and luxurious (and very blonde) curly locks. But then my stylist decided to just pull it into a low side pony a la Katie Holmes.

And I hated it because it didn't look anything like the inspiration I showed her.

This morning's dream was all kinds of wrong. First we were getting married in a church instead of outside. Not all of the guests were seated yet, but the day of coordinator sent my first bridesmaid down the aisle - and one of the other bridesmaids wasn't even dressed yet! Oh, and I should note that my dream bridesmaids weren't my real life bridesmaids but instead some random people that I knew in high school and college. So bridesmaid one is on her way down the aisle and we're freaking out and trying to get bm two dressed. Another bridesmaid starts complaining about her dress and how she thinks it is so ugly. I'm trying to keep my cool and simply remind her that I allowed them to pick any dress they wanted from the LulaKate line AND she only has to wear it for a few hours.

Once all the bridesmaids are taken care of, I run into the restroom to do a final once over before my walk down the aisle. The weather was extremely hot and humid for May, so I was sweating just a bit. Guests are still not seated, so I'm dodging people left and right on my way to the bathroom (and getting upset that they are seeing me before the ceremony). I walk in to find ladies drying their armpits with the hand dryers.

(source - I've never seen Desperately Seeking Susan, but this is what came up when I googled "drying armpits with hand dryer" - I love google)

This doesn't make sense in so many ways (a. we're in a church, so it should be air conditioned and b. hand dryers are hot, so wouldn't they make you sweat more?), but dreams are crazy. Anyway...I take a look in the mirror and I have no makeup on, my hair is in a messy ponytail, and it looks like I just got back from an hour long workout at Jazzercise and decided to throw my wedding dress on over my sweaty body. Yuck. So I tear out of the restroom to find my mother and start wailing at her to please make me look beautiful. And right before I wake up, I realize that I hadn't yet seen our photographer and that I forgot to ask someone to check that she was there.

Whoa. What a great way to start the day, no?

What was your craziest wedding dream/nightmare? I've noticed that the dreams are starting to come more frequently the closer w-day approaches. Anyone else have that problem?


  1. I had tons of dreams where I was in the wrong dress and everything went wrong! Luckily, my actual wedding day was nothing like in my dreams!

  2. I had a lot of dreams at the beginning of 2011 because I kept thinking "omg it's my wedding year!!" But luckily, they've been pretty quiet for the past month. I'm sure they will start up again soon!

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