Monday, February 7, 2011

ringing in a new week

The jewelry store called on Friday and my wedding band is ready - over a month and a half early! We have it on 90-day layaway; so because we won't be picking it up until late March/early April, I asked them to email us some photos.

I love it and can't wait to see how it looks next to my engagement ring! Since my e-ring was custom designed, the jeweler simply tweaked the CAD rendering that they already had on file to create a band that would match perfectly.

How did you pick out your wedding band? Did you go for a matching set, custom design or something completely different?


  1. pretty! i got mine online from blue nile and went through a few before finding the one :)

  2. That's a gorgeous wedding band!

    I was a total crazy person when it came to picking a wedding band. It took months, and I ordered and returned numerous rings. It was ridiculous!

  3. So pretty! I ended up getting an eternity band for a wedding ring, and since my e-ring is a simple solitaire, the two look great together.

  4. we picked out my ring last week...just waiting to actually purchase it before I post about it. We went to the same jeweler that my FI got my engagement ring. As I was looking through the bands, I found one that matched the diamonds on my e-ring's band perrrrfectly and will be going with that! They look as if they were a set to begin with, and heck, maybe they were since it's the same jeweler but I'm so excited with how great they look together!

  5. Very pretty! Looks so nice! I remember how fun it was when we bought our rings in Dec. I can't wait to wear mine together too!