Monday, March 14, 2011

bride-to-be's little helper

It's just about time for the invitations to go out and I have more work than my two little hands can handle. At the same time, though, I'm too much of a perfectionist-control-freak to let anyone help me because the thought of relinquishing my control gives me more anxiety than actually doing it myself. Wow, I think I just made myself sound quite insane.


Yesterday I was convinced by a very willing future mister to let him help. And help he did. While I traced, he cut out about one hundred or so envelope liners.

Unfortunately, he's not all that comfortable helping me with the remaining invitation tasks (due to their skill level). But every little bit helps!

Did your fiance lend a hand with any wedding crafts?


  1. aww that's sweet that he helped! you're definitely right though..any bit helps! as for us, we're not really doing any crafts, but we will be making our gift card box. mathew will definitely be helping me with that one!

  2. What a sweetie!! It's the best when they help isn't it? :) xo