Thursday, March 3, 2011

hair and makeup - take 2

Sorry for the long hiatus! It's been a busy week at work and slightly busy on the wedding front as well. Anywho....two weekends ago I had a second hair and makeup trial with someone new (see the first one here). Overall, I think it went great. This MUA/stylist was much more personable and really put me at ease. Unlike the last person, once she was finished we evaluated and tweaked the look until I was happy with the outcome. Let's take a look-see at the results, shall we?

The eye makeup basically looks the same as it did the last time, she just used pinks and mauves instead of browns and golds. I love, love, love the long lashes. The hair was much closer to what I wanted in the back, but the front looked a bit flat and sad. I much prefer the look of the front from my first trial. Plenty of body at the crown and more hair sweeping across my forehead.

Now here's where it gets frustrating. I received a follow up email from this person early last week and I responded with my thoughts, questions and concerns almost immediately and also to let her know that I would like to sign a contract and place a down payment. This week came and I still had not heard anything. So I sent another email on Monday. As of this morning, still nothing. I really hope nothing serious has happened, but I don't want to wait around twiddling my thumbs until I hear something back. I'm quite upset at the thought of going through this entire process yet again. Especially since the trial had gone so well! Luckily I had an appointment for a cut and color last night and when I was talking to my stylist about it she told me that she does wedding hair and makeup. So I went ahead and set up an appointment for a trial with her (but it's not for another two weeks). Keep your fingers crossed that the third time really is the charm!

Have you had any experience with unresponsive vendors? How did you handle it?

*UPDATE* I finally just received an email back with a copy of the contract and an explanation for the delayed response. Now I have to make a decision whether to book her or not. I really want to because I love what she did and we got along great, but future unresponsiveness would probably make me very anxious. Perhaps I should bring this to her attention and see what she says? Thoughts?


  1. Love the makeup but agree that the look from the front at your first trial was more polished. I'm sure the second stylist can handle it no problem. I think it's so important to work with someone you trust and get along with, and if you really like her, you should raise your concerns about the response issue to see what she says. I am always surprised when vendors don't respond in a timely way, unless there's an emergency.

  2. I agree that I like the look from the front better on the first trial.

    As far as unresponsiveness, if I feel that a vendor is not being responsive enough, I drop them. I don't want to have to deal with a vendor's tardiness or excuses on the wedding day. If you really like her (and feel like she had a legit excuse), give her another try. Send her another email asking her some other questions or ask her to edit the contract in some way. If she responds quickly this time, there probably was a legitimate reason for her delayed response.

  3. love the make-up for this trial! i agree with the others about the the front of the first, back of the second. as for the unresponsiveness, i think that depends on her excuse. if it was legit, give her another shot. but, i also think it couldn't hurt to have the third trial with the other hairstylist. third time just MAY be the charm! good luck!

  4. I agree with what all the ladies said above. I would say something like "What is the best way to reach you during the day or night? Do you have a cell phone number in case I can't reach you?" My invitation lady was difficult to get in touch with and I think checks her email once a day, so I finally got her home and cell numbers and she was better about getting back to me.