Thursday, March 10, 2011

what is this I see?

I spy, with my little eye....

beautiful handwriting courtesy of FSIL/bridesmaid Katie

the cutest return label

and a gorgeous shower invite!

This is for our couples' shower at the end of April in North Carolina. I'm so excited! The future mister is too, even if he did roll his eyes at me when I insisted on taking a million pictures before actually opening the invitation. Hey, this wedding stuff is only going to happen once, so I intend to document every last detail!


  1. oh i love this! how sweet of your bm to throw you a shower with such a cute invitation!

  2. so beautiful!! I agree...take a ton of pictures now! You won't regret it once the moments have passed. Best thing about blogging is having it all in one place :-)

  3. Jealous! Your shower invite is so beautiful! So so cute!