Wednesday, June 29, 2011

honeymoon in Barbados (part 3)

Hi guys! Sorry for yet another long hiatus - I just haven't felt like doing much lately. Anywho. Last we left off, the mister and I had a good, but long, rum and history tour. And since that wasn't enough history, the next day we took a taxi to the George Washington house. Did you know that the only time President Washington ever left the country was when he was a teenager to go with his sick half brother to Barbados. Yeah, I didn't either. But these are the kinds of things you learn when you marry a history nerd buff.

a rum safe - we totally need one of these!

the mister thought this satchel/man purse was pretty cool

good ol' Georgie

Overall, we were very impressed with the house, tour and museum. They did a wonderful job refurbishing the property and the museum exhibits were very informative and thorough. It was definitely worth the taxi fare.

And here are some random photos of us before dinner one night and the "friends" we made when attempting to walk on the beach under the moonlight. That walk sure didn't last long - ha.


  1. What a cool tour! And those crabs would have freaked me out for sure!

  2. very neat tour! Haha, glad the crab didn't get you!

  3. ahhh! that crab is huge! no wonder you didn't walk long!