Tuesday, June 14, 2011

honeymoon in Barbados (part 2)

After a stressful beginning, followed by a nice and relaxing day by the pool, we decided to see what else Barbados had to offer. So we hopped on the resort bus for the rum and history tour. The rum part was good, but the history part was a bit deceiving. The description said that we would visit the House of Parliament, St. Ann's Fort, and St. John's church. View, we did (out the bus window); visit, we did not. Despite that, we still enjoyed ourselves.

"the rum that invented rum"

rum barrels

old stills

The next stop was the Sunbury Plantation House for lunch and a (very quick) tour.

Then it was back on the bus, where I took a little snooze, only to be woken up with a pit stop at the beach in Bathsheba. This beach is not safe for swimming due to the strong undertows, but it was still beautiful.

Next up: The George Washington House - since we didn't get enough history on our history tour


  1. How fun! Your pictures make me wish I was there now!

  2. Oh my gosh how pretty! Love the picture of the tree against the background of the ocean! Gorgeous!