Thursday, June 9, 2011

honeymoon in Barbados (part 1)

Hi friends!! I've missed you guys, but it has been a wonderful break. The mister and I have been back for almost two weeks now. I wish I could say that the house is back in order and all of our thank yous have been written, but honestly, I haven't felt like doing anything. So I haven't - ha. Aside from cooking again and sitting on my butt and watching lots of TV, of course. We've got three or four more weeks until we get our pro-pics back, but I think it's about time I clear the cobwebs from the ol' blog. First to talk about - the honeymoon!

Our honeymoon started at about 3:30 am after an hour long nap (literally). I hadn't even bothered to take my makeup off or the pins out of my hair.

We took the shuttle from Athens to Atlanta and hopped the 6:45 am flight to Miami. Then, from there, it was onto Barbados!

the most expensive mediocre sandwich I have ever eaten

We don't have any photos of our first day in Barbados - understandably so, since it was quite stressful. Instead of waiting for a certified taxi, like all the airport signs tell you to do, we followed some guy across the street (luckily he did have a taxi license, which he showed us). He was very nice, but it seemed like he said "me too!" to everything we said. For example:

Taxi guy: Are you on vacation?
Us: Our honeymoon - we just got married!
TG: Oh! So did I! In February! Where are you from?
Us: The US.
TG: Oh! My wife is American! Where in the US do you live?
Us: Outside of Atlanta.
TG: My wife lives in Atlanta! Where are your families from?
Us: Pennsylvania and North Carolina.
TG: No way! My wife was born in North Carolina!

It was certainly amusing. Despite his friendly nature, the entire ride I was worried that we were going to be kidnapped. So what if he showed us his license - it could be fake, right?? What can I say? I have an overactive imagination.

Fortunately, we did make it to the resort, unharmed. It was only a $23 taxi ride, but we didn't have any singles with us, so we paid him $30. The bellman chastised us for doing so, thinking that we were overcharged, but it turned out to be a good thing. We were greeted with some delicious rum punch while we waited for them to check us in and give us our keys. Within the first 5 minutes, I was eaten alive by mosquitoes. When we went over to our bags to get the bug spray out, the mister discovered that his backpack (with his laptop!) had never made it out of the taxi! By some miracle, we had written down the driver's name and phone number in case we wanted to go on a tour of the island later in the week. He was back with the bag within 30 minutes, and I'm sure our generous tip helped. Although, I was irked that when he came back he asked us to "take care of him" since he had to pass up on a job to bring our bag back. Um, sorry sir, but we already took care of you by giving you a generous tip.

Anywho, unfortunately the stress didn't end there. To make a long story short, we ended up switching rooms three times. The first didn't have a working phone or Internet. The second had a bedroom with a broken window that overlooked the noisy stairwell. Third time's a charm, though! We were finally upgraded to an ocean view suit and it was wonderful!

the pool bar with our suite circled in red

Once our room situation was cleared up (which wasn't until our second day there), we relaxed by the pool. Since I'm our official photo taker, these are all pics of the mister. Don't you worry, I was relaxing too. Just picture me in my bikini, spf 50, sunglasses, floppy straw hat, and a good book - sitting under the shade of a palm tree.

my very own cabana boy!

Next up is our Rum & History tour!

Did anyone else encounter a few minor glitches while honeymooning?


  1. So lovely to see a post from you pop up in my reader. So excited to hear all about your day and the rest of your honeymoon.

    I'm sorry it was so stressful to begin with, although the story kind of reminded me of Chandler and Monica switching rooms 3 times in that episode of Friends!

    Loveaudrey xXx

  2. i love that you put "my very own cabana boy" lol. made me giggle aloud. sorry things started out stressful, but i'm glad that you finally got to relax!

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