Thursday, June 17, 2010

satisfying my sweet tooth

Way back in February, I talked a bit about cake (here and here). Our initial proposal included a 3-tier wedding cake and a 2-tier groom's cake. The price for these two things was astounding! From the beginning I had really preferred the look of a cake buffet anyway, so I brought it up at Tuesday's meeting. Turns out a cake buffet will save us almost $300! So we will have 7 cakes and three different flavors.

Try not to lick your computer screen:

3 White Velvet Raspberry (my FAVORITE - see my surprise birthday post)

2 Spanish Lemon

2 Chocoholic

(source - all photos)

You know, in hindsight, I'm really kicking myself for not agreeing to a second tasting when Epting offered on Tuesday. What was I thinking??! So what if we already knew what we wanted our flavors to be - that doesn't mean we can't try them all again. Silly me. Regardless, I'm super excited to have another decision made! Now I can start looking for a cake topper.

What are your favorite cake flavors?

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  1. Wow! The white velvet raspberry cake looks amazing! I love you idea, too. We had a three-tier cake, with different flavors for each layer. Our guests really enjoyed getting to try different combos.