Friday, October 15, 2010

dressing my ladies - bridals by lori

After we left Bella Bridesmaid, we decided to stop for lunch at nearby Tin Lizzy's Cantina.


Because my bridesmaids are awesome, Emily offered to drive my car so that I could enjoy some lunchtime margaritas. It was a major buzzkill, though, when on our way to Lori's we got pulled over. None of us had any clue why - maybe speeding? Turns out, it was because we ran a stop sign at a 5-way intersection. Eek! I'm pretty sure the SUV in front of us did the same? But I can't say that I was paying very close attention. We, or I should say Emily, got a citation. Bummer. We brushed it off and eventually made it to Bridals by Lori.

After trying on a few dresses, we decided to focus on the flowy, silk chiffon ones by Amsale. Everyone loved this stunning one-shoulder dress.





MOH Sam also loved the halter above. The floral detailing is a nice touch since my dress has flowers on it. The upside - everyone loved these dresses. I even tried some on and they truly felt like pajamas. I also love the look of chiffon and think it meshes well with our vintage/rustic/garden wedding (more so than the stiffer looking silk shantung). The downside - there was only one color even remotely close to what I was looking for and it just didn't make my heart sing (sorry - corny, I know) like the LulaKate colors.

Amsale - Ocean

If ocean was just a little bit lighter/brighter I would most likely scrap my idea of having all the girls in different shades and go with the Amsale dresses. With that said, I guess I'm leaning more towards the LulaKate dresses. Any ideas/insight/suggestions would be much appreciated!

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  1. These are pretty, but I'd say you should go with the LulaKate dresses if they made more of an impression on you. Just like with your own dress, I think that when it comes to bridesmaids' dresses, you can trust your gut to make the right choice.