Friday, October 22, 2010

forever young - him

You've already seen my baby photos, so now it's time for the future mister's. It's one thing to look through your own pictures and reminisce and a different experience altogether to look at someone else's photos and listen to their stories.

Way back when, while we were still in undergrad and our relationship was brand new, the future mister and I were studying at his apartment when he handed me a three ring binder and told me I could read it. It contained page after page of his childhood stories, written lovingly by his father. Some were touching, most were funny and I was incredibly honored to be given that glimpse into his past. Also, I took that as my sign that things were getting serious, because you wouldn't let just anyone read something so personal!

This past winter, while we were going through his photographs, I experienced similar feelings - a visual glimpse to corresponded with the stories I read a few years before.

Adorable! Do you remember the first time you saw childhood photos of your significant other? How did it make you feel?

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  1. I loved looking through photos Stephen showed me of trips his family had taken together when he was younger. It was such an important way to learn more about his family and his background.