Thursday, October 7, 2010

forever young - her

One of the other projects I've been working on recently is our growing up slideshow. Since I have a background in communications and digital media, I have elected to doing it myself. In the winter the future mister and I started collecting photographs from our families and this summer, during a particularly slow wedding planning month, I got started by scanning in a bunch of photos. My mom also helped out with her scanner at home and recently sent me another batch.

Maybe it's just me, but I really enjoy looking at other people's baby photos. So here are a few of mine:


1 year

3 years

4 or 5 - my brother and I ate breakfast in this chair together every morning

first day of kindergarten with my Barbie lunch box

my favorite color was pink

7 years - anyone remember the game Pretty, Pretty Princess??

8 years - visiting grammy and pop pop

10 years - boys will be boys

I'll stop here since the awkward pre-teen/teenage years don't need to be posted to the interwebs.

Honestly, though, I could immerse myself in old photographs for days on end. I love revisiting old vacations, milestones, events and emotions. And I've found it very difficult to narrow them all down! As you can see, these are mostly photos of me and my brother. For our actual slideshow, I've been trying to include photos of me with the various members of my immediate and extended family and friends. I think it's more fun for the viewers when they have a connection to the photographs.

Those of you who have done slideshows, did you enjoy the process? Did you find it difficult to pick your favorites?

Next time, I'll show you a few of the future mister.

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  1. Adorable! My bridesmaid created our slideshow and did a fabulous job! I'll definitely be sharing it on my blog soon.