Monday, January 31, 2011

Aruba, Jamaica oooo I wanna take ya...

To Barbados!

A few weeks ago we were finally able to wrap up our honeymoon plans! Barbados isn't one of the places we thought we would be honeymooning, but I won't bore/confuse you with the long story involving my parents' timeshares (which I still don't fully understand myself). Regardless, all we want is an all inclusive resort in the Caribbean, and Barbados fits the bill.

Bright and early the Sunday morning after our wedding, the future mister and I will be jetting off to the Almond Casuarina Resort in St. Lawrence Gap, Barbados.

(source - all photos)

I'm REALLY looking forward to being able to unwind with the (no longer!) future mister and the three B's - Beach, Booze and Books. One of the things we liked about this resort is that we can take the complimentary shuttle to check out the beaches and restaurants on the two other Almond properties on the island (just in case we get bored with the selection at our resort). We're also really excited about some of the optional excursions we can take:

Rum & History Tour (of the oldest rum distillery in the world - Mount Gay)
Sunset Cocktail Cruise
Outback 4x4 Tour
Turtle Feeding Trip

Daydreaming about this place will certainly help me through the winter blahs! What criteria did you use to decide on your honeymoon?


  1. Wow, that looks fabulous! We won't be honeymooning until the summer after our January wedding but we're planning on going to Thailand. We've been a few times before with the children but as we'll be alone this time we're going to visit the least child-friendly place we can find!! I'm hoping for a remote island with peaceful beaches, great restaurants (because we're obsessed with Thai food) and a good cocktail bar so I can sip Mai Thais to my hearts content! xxx

  2. Looks beautiful! We knew right from the start that we wanted to do a Hawaiian cruise for our honeymoon. We did, and it was perfect!

  3. Sounds wonderful! And the pics are gorgeous!

  4. wow!! That looks awesome and amazingly beautiful! I can't wait to hear all about it! I may need you for some help and advice on my Italy plans since you studied there!

  5. Ooh sounds so nice! Love! Can't wait to hear all about it! We're honeymooning in Oahu and Maui in Hawaii and then a layover one day/night stay in San Diego, CA. I can't wait! Our must have was it had to be somewhere warm, beachy..