Wednesday, January 26, 2011

second thoughts

This past weekend I had a hair and makeup trial. After it was over, I thought things had gone pretty well - the makeup looked nice, my hair needed help, but the MUA said that if I booked her she would do another hair trial free of charge. My friend who went with me said I looked nice, as did the future mister when I got home. My mom agreed when I video chatted her and so did MOH Sam when I sent her a photo from my iPhone.

But now I'm having second thoughts. The hair definitely needs work, that's a given. I was going for something soft and romantic looking:

But instead got a messy french twist looking thing.

(Can we say hot mess??)

The stylist tried, though. Apparently my hair wasn't cooperating (even though I went with dirty hair) - the curls weren't staying and after awhile it all became a static-y mess. Which is why I think she just haphazardly pinned it back and told me I need to grow it out longer. I hate long hair, by the way. My hair was much shorter at MOH Ash's wedding and I think her stylist did a great job.

Now makeup. I'm pretty good at doing my own. Case in point - my engagement photo makeup, which I ended up doing myself due to the Sephora semi-fail. So because of that, I sent the MUA these photos to show her how I like to wear my makeup.

(I threw this one in, too, for good measure)

Here are the after photos:

Like I said, the makeup looked nice, but there's just something bugging me about how I look in those photos. Maybe it's because they were taken in bad lighting with my crappy point-and-shoot. Because I do actually like the photos that I took with my iPhone:

Or maybe it's because, in person, I could tell that it was just sooo much makeup compared to what I wear on a daily basis. I've also thought that it could be because the makeup she used was warmer (i.e. golds, bronzes, yellow browns), when I usually wear cooler tones (mauves, pinks, grays) - blushing bride rather than golden goddess.

Whatever it is, something just isn't sitting right. Now I have a few different options. I can pay her the deposit to hold the date for me and just do another trial (both hair and makeup) before the wedding. She contacted me today to let me know that she has another inquiry on my date, so that decision would have to be made soon. Or I can make an appointment with another MUA/stylist and hope that trial goes better. I don't want to be left with no options and no one available if I just keep searching around. But I also don't want to jump into a contract that I feel uneasy about. What do you think I should do? Does anyone have some words of wisdom?


  1. Honestly, if you were unhappy and feel something isn't right, I think you should find someone else. The hairstyle you want seems like it should be completely doable for a skilled stylist, and while it is necessary to wear more makeup than usual for photos, you still want to be comfortable with it. Like you said, you did your own for the engagement shoot, and it looked lovely. This is one area where you should definitely not settle, though I do think it's best to find someone else as soon as possible.

  2. I agree, what if the next trial doesn't turn out right either? By that point you've already booked her which seemed like kind of an odd deal for her to suggest, you're booking someone whose work you didn't love and are *hoping* they do better next time? Go with your gut! If you don't feel good about it don't do it. You still have time to find a new stylist. Good luck :)