Wednesday, October 7, 2009

the proposal (part 1)

It happened the week my parents were visiting and only a few weeks after the future mister and I had just moved states into our first apartment together. Let's backtrack a few weeks and I'll explain all the reasons why I SHOULD have known it was coming.

1. Once my parents decided they were coming to visit the future mister was VERY adamant about setting up a golf outing with my dad. However, my dad had just thrown his back out, so I said no. But you can't keep dad from golf and the outing was planned.

2. Over the July 4th weekend we stayed at his parents' house. While I was "napping"/only half asleep, I could hear him talking with his parents. All of a sudden it got eerily quiet and i could have sworn I heard the words "ask", "dad", "golf." Hmmm.

3. Weeks earlier I received an email from him asking "do you like these?". Attached were photographs of engagement rings. He was constantly telling me that a proposal wouldn't happen for "like 5 more years," so of course I thought he was just teasing (read: torturing) me. Except for the fact that the photos were named "lastname1.jpg", "lastname2.jpg", and so on. I don't know about you, but if I took the photos myself or found them on the internet there's no way I would name them with my own last name. Which led me to suspect they were sent from a jeweler...

But despite all this, I still had no freakin clue. None. The rents showed up and I told my mom what I overheard and asked what she thought. In so many words she told me not to think anything of it - just in case nothing happened.

Engaged or married girls, did you know your proposal was coming? Or did you only see the clues AFTER the fact, like me?

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