Wednesday, October 21, 2009

say yes to the dress

What could possibly make me and my mom's wedding dress trip to the city even more enjoyable? We snagged an appointment at Kleinfeld's! Actually, mom tried to make an appointment but they were booked solid through the weekend. So mom decided to email the co-owner/CEO Ronald Rothstein. She figured that she would just get an automated response, but Mr. Rothstein emailed her back with his home phone number so he could speak to her directly. Monday I received a phone call from Mr. Rothstein as well as his personal assistant - they were able to fit us in on Friday. I am soooo excited! I love to catch episodes of Say Yes to the Dress whenever I can - so this will be quite the experience. Mr. Rothstein's assistant told me that if I end up wanting to purchase the dress that is currently at the top of my list (it's from 2006, so they no longer have the sample in their store), all I have to do is ask my consultant to order it for me. Looks like I'll have a dress by the end of the weekend. Yippee!

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  1. So jealous! And excited for you! You must write a long, detailed post with plenty of pics afterwards! :)
    Enjoy! I'm sure you'll have a fabulous time. And hope you leave with a dress ordered!