Wednesday, October 14, 2009

finding the perfect venue (part 1)

Shortly after our engagement we started the venue search. The future mister is currently in grad school to be a history professor. More specifically, southern and Appalachian history (during the Civil War and Reconstruction - if you want me to get even more specific). And I love all things vintage and antique - even better if it's distressed or shabby chic! Put that all together and you get a venue that's historic, rustic, and most definitely romantic. Let's look at some inspiration, shall we?

First up, barns. Beautiful, no?

(top: source, bottom: source)

Next up - isn't this ceremony site just dreamy?


I think this table under all the lighted mason jars looks rustic and romantic as well.

Now add to the mix the fact that we want a venue that is relatively close to where we are currently living. Let's see if we find something...

Did either your or your fiance's profession inspire your choice of venue?

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