Tuesday, October 13, 2009

wedding bands

We found the future mister's wedding band this past weekend. The jewelry store that my e-ring was purchased from is in North Carolina and we went there this weekend to get my ring resized. Now that the weather is getting cooler, it has been slipping quite a lot. So while we were there, we looked at some bands. He already had one on his wish list - it was a simple, classic band with white and yellow gold. Sort of like the one below:

For some reason though, I just didn't care for the yellow gold. I guess maybe it was the way it looked with his skin tone. So he tried on a few others. We saw two in the case that looked like they had some copper in them - turns out it is rose gold (can you tell I'm not very jewelry literate?). He tried one on and it looked really nice. It was same look he was going for with the two-tone, but the rose gold looked much, much better against his skin. I can't find an exact picture but it looks like this one, except the rose gold is brushed instead of hammered.

Our plan was to put it on his wish list and leave it at that until closer to the wedding, but the saleswoman offered us a deal we couldn't refuse. First of all, the jeweler we are dealing with is amazing (Skatell's for anyone living near Charlotte, NC, Mt. Pleasant, SC or Charleston, SC). They are family owned and operated, specialize in custom work, and do ALL of their work in-house. That being said, we didn't feel that they were "just trying to make the sale." Apparently, a few days ago the price of gold hit an all time high - more than $1000 per ounce! So the saleswoman offered us the ring in the case. It was created when gold was less expensive and it was close enough to his ring size that they would be willing to resize it for him. If we were to wait until closer to the wedding to have this ring created it would be more than double the price. After much debating, we decided to go for it and put it on 90 day layaway. The deal cincher was that if he decides he wants a different ring after all, as long as we don't resize it yet, we can get store credit and pick out something else. Now we just have to figure out my band...

When ring shopping, did you find a deal that you just couldn't pass up?

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