Tuesday, March 30, 2010

confessions of a short haired bride

I am getting increasingly frustrated with the lack of inspiration for short haired brides. My hair is about chin length. It has never, ever grown any longer than shoulder length. Once it starts creeping past my chin, it starts driving me crazy. Since being engaged, many people have asked me whether I plan on growing my hair out for the wedding. Why should I? I am a short haired girl. Do I really need to grow my hair out for one day? I'm afraid that if I even tried, I'd end up pulling a Britany Spears:

So back to the point. Where's all the hairstyle inspiration for people with short hair? Most photos just show regular, everyday hair with a headband or flower. I want to look at least a little bit special. It is my wedding day, you know. Maybe half up? After scouring the web for hours, here's what I found (of course none of these are half up):


I like this one because it's more on the casual side, but still elegant and romantic. Pretty sure I'd need more hair though as I can barely make a ponytail.


I love the volume and texture of this one. My hair is stick straight, so I'm not sure if waves would hold. Also, headbands give me serious headaches.


I like the side view of this one. The back is okay - I don't really like the spiky look since I'm going for something softer and more romantic.

Finally, here's what I'd choose as my inspiration if I were deciding to grow my hair out:


I've had this photo in my wedding binder since the very beginning of planning. And to be honest, I'm pretty sure I ripped it out of a copy of the knot that I purchased way before I even started dating the future mister. It's got a bit of volume, some texture, not too structured and very romantic. Now I just have to find a stylist who can work some magic with my fine, straight, short hair and lack of inspiration.

How are you wearing your hair? Did you have any difficulties finding inspiration?

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