Friday, July 23, 2010

Georgia peaches

It's the weekend again already?? Where did the week go? Not that I'm complaining, of course, because on Sunday we have our engagement photo shoot with Heidi from Our Labor of Love! Yay!

Our initial plan was to trek out to the countryside and have some photos taken at a local peach orchard. My inspiration being these lovely photos from Simply Bloom:

Unfortunately the owners weren't up for it. Boo. So on to plan B. We'll be meeting Heidi downtown first since there are some great old brick buildings. Then we'll follow her out to the countryside where she has scouted out some locations. We're starting at 6:30pm, so hopefully it will be a little cooler, although I doubt it. The temps have been in the high 90s with equally high humidity. My plan is to pack lots of water, a towel, maybe an ice pack to put on the backs of our necks, and oil blotting sheets for me so I don't ruin my makeup.

Speaking of makeup - I have an appointment at Sephora at 2. I was looking into makeup artists but the prices were way more than I wanted to spend on engagement photos (like $200 more!). Well I saw on that they do special occasion makeovers for "free" if you purchase $50 worth of products. What do you know, I'm almost all out of foundation and could use some more powder and blush too. So it really is kind of like getting a free service since I already needed new makeup anyway. Score! Now I just have to finish prepping our outfits.

Where did you have your engagement photos taken? Any tips?

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