Thursday, August 19, 2010

musically torn

Last week the future mister and I sat down to watch Shutter Island. Has anyone else seen it? Kind of creepy and, well, creepy movie = creepy music.

Imagine my surprise when a song started playing that I associate with weddings:

Max Richter - On the Nature of Daylight

I don't think it's a very popular song, but I first heard it on our videographer's website (click on Enter Gallery to watch a short clip). There's just something about it that fills me up with emotion. Sigh.

So, naturally, I want to find a way to incorporate this song into our ceremony. I always thought I would walk down the aisle to Canon in D, and now I'm torn. Here are the three options I've come up with:

1. On the Nature of Daylight - during the seating of guests; Canon in D - Bride's entrance

2. On the Nature of Daylight - Processional; Canon in D - Bride's entrance

3. Canon in D - Processional; On the Nature of Daylight - Bride's entrance

Which option do you think I should choose?


  1. They are both very deep, moving pieces, but I personally like the classic Canon in D for the bride’s processional, since I find it to be more beautiful in the melody. In the end, it's totally up to you, though!

  2. I think you should choose something happier. That song is beautiful, but it sounds more like your mournful to be getting married. Not a very pleasant feeling. However it is your wedding, you should choose what seems right to you.