Wednesday, August 11, 2010

strike a pose, part 3

These are the last of our photos and definitely my least favorite of the bunch. The future mister changed into a red polo and the photos were in front of a red barn (not sure what we were thinking). So needless to say, I like these best in black and white.

*all photos by Heidi of Our Labor of Love

Now that you've seen a decent amount of our photos, any suggestions on how I can incorporate them into the wedding? Keep in mind that save the dates are out since we're doing something like this. A guestbook is an option, but I'd prefer something more unique than the typical album from snapfish or blurb. Thoughts?


  1. At our wedding, we played a slideshow of our engagement photos during our last dance as a way to share them with everyone. Our guests loved it! Another fun idea is to show the slideshow during the cocktail hour or dinner.

  2. Thoughts??? I LOVE them all. I want more!