Tuesday, December 7, 2010

and some flowers for our flower girl

Meet M, my soon-to-be niece and big sister to E:

Like I did for E, I purchased M a book - The Little Flower Girl:

And made her something she can practice with, too:

As much as I LOVE this bouquet, I have a few issues.

1. I'm a bit nervous about it's kid friendly-ness. The flowers are attached to floral wire, which could come loose and poke out if the bouquet takes a beating. Also, the floral tape I wrapped the wires with is extremely sticky. Unless you only touch the bouquet where the hankie is, it will get allll over your hands.

2. Sorry, this reason is purely selfish. This bouquet took so much more time and energy (and needle pokes in my fingers) than I anticipated, whereas the ring bearer pillow was a 10 minute job. Is it wrong that I would rather keep this one for myself (perhaps to use as a rehearsal bouquet) and make something else for M?

Right now, I'm leaning towards making a new bouquet (using my glue gun instead of a needle and thread) with the easier to make mums (the pink pom pom flowers) attached to either wooden dowels/skewers or green pipe cleaners. Or I could just make, or buy, some fake flower petals and put them into a little basket. My mom made a good point that petals might be more fun for M anyway because she could practice scattering them "down the aisle".

What are your thoughts? Should I just give her the bouquet I already made or make something more kid-friendly?


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  2. I definitely think you should make something more kid-friendly, without any worry about wire or other issues. I actually really like the idea of a basket and petals. This bouquet would be great for you!

  3. awwww....what a sweet book for a sweet gal.