Thursday, December 16, 2010

card "box"

Nancy "the hankie lady" has turned into a true friendor. Yesterday she and her husband had my parents over for lunch so she and my mom could brainstorm table decor and centerpieces. I'll touch on all that a bit later, but first let me introduce you to our card "box", or rather, birdcage.

It's kind of funny. To my knowledge, Nancy doesn't read wedding blogs or look at wedding magazines, yet all of her ideas so far seem so in tune with much of what I've seen floating around wedding land lately. It was she who suggested using lace doilies underneath the mason jars on our tables - and now I'm seeing photos of similar centerpieces all over the blogosphere!

Anyways, back to the topic...My first impression of the birdcage was that it was rather large - perhaps too large to be used as a card box. My mom agreed that it was pretty big for a birdcage, but that it would look great outside at our reception and wouldn't overwhelm the space. I trust her judgment. So Nancy and her husband are going to clean it up, repaint it and decorate it with some ribbon.

What are you using/did you use as a card box?


  1. I love it, and agree that it will look great outside. We used a smaller cage that sat on our gift table.

  2. We have purchased a bird cage for a card box as well. I love what you have. You should def find a way to work it in.