Thursday, December 9, 2010

felt flower tutorial

I forgot to include the tutorial I used in my post on Tuesday, so here it is if anyone is interested in making something similar.

I followed this tutorial that I saw on The Bride's Cafe. It was very clear, except I wish there was more photo documentation of the different steps. The included template wasn't to size when I printed it out, either, but that was easily fixable with a ruler.

A finished bouquet - I might add leaves to mine eventually, like this one, to fill it out more

All of my materials, minus my sewing kit

All of the "petals" cut out for the gardenia

Cutting fringe for the mums

Attaching the floral wire stems

Reinforcing the stems to make them sturdier

Everything wrapped with floral tape

If anyone decides to tackle this particular project, I would suggest carving out a good chunk of time to do so. If I had known how long it would take (the directions made it sound so quick and easy!), I would have found a different tutorial that used the glue gun instead of a needle and thread. But overall, I'm still extremely happy with how it turned out.

Did any of your "quick and easy" projects turn into something more involved and time consuming?


  1. Wow, you did a great job! They look amazing and you've officially given me something to do with all the leftover felt I have from a project I gave up on. ;)

  2. Super cute. I had to read it twice to check that those were your pictures! They look great. good job! I feel like DIY projects always take longer than you think...