Monday, December 20, 2010

table mock-up

So here are the photos from the lunch my parents had with Nancy, the hankie lady, and her husband last week.

I wish I had more to show you, but unfortunately my dad is not a blogger and only took two photos. Just imagine the table without all of the china, glassware and utensils. Our tables won't be preset since we're having a cocktail buffet. So they will just have the burlap with crocheted doilies in the center, blue mason jars filled with flowers, and possibly some votives.

I'm really glad that Nancy suggested the doilies - they add more dimension and texture to the table. Slowly but surely my inspiration is coming together in tangible form.

Did you do any mock-ups to see what your reception decorations would look like before the wedding?


  1. It's going to look beautiful! I will def think about doing a mock-up nearer the time, it's a great idea.