Wednesday, December 29, 2010

how I spent my christmas vacation

Instead of cleaning up the craft room/guest bedroom like I SHOULD be doing (it's still a disaster area from our STDs which went out over a month ago - eek!), I decided to crack open some of my Christmas gifts and practice calligraphy. It's not really procrastination if I'm doing something wedding related, right??

One serious hand cramp later and not much to show for it:

I had fun though! I'm still undecided about whether I want to tackle hand calligraphing our invitation envelopes. I would need to put in a lot of practice time, not to mention all the time it will take to hand address each envelope. Although....printing our envelopes for our save the dates didn't exactly save me much time.

Would you or have you considered DIY calligraphy?


  1. Awesome!! I don't know if I could tackle my own calligraphy. you're looks like it was a success though!

  2. I tried calligraphy and I didn't get that far--it is NOT going to happen. I stink at it!