Monday, November 23, 2009

bridal glow

Like many brides before me, I want to achieve the bridal glow on my wedding day. Which is why I've decided to just stick with the routine I already have. I've been doing the same thing and using the same products for years and my skin is relatively smooth and clear. I'll attribute the clearness to birth control. Prior to going on the pill, I had pretty significant acne that no amount of creams or pills could cure. BC was my dermatologist's last suggestion before heading down the Accutane road, so I'm happy it worked. I'll split things up according to cleansing and moisturizing, and it will include both face and body.


As you will soon notice, I really like Olay products (btw, when did they change their name from Oil of Olay to Olay? Wikipedia says 1999 - wow, I really don't pay much attention, I guess). Every morning I use Quench Body Wash - it's supposed to stop the cycle of dry skin. Prior to the Quench line being introduced I used Olay Body Wash plus Crème Ribbons. Both are great products and very moisturizing.


As for my face, in the mornings I either cleanse with Cetaphil Daily Cleanser or exfoliate with Lancome Exfoliance Clarté. Right now I use the exfoliator on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, which seems to be often enough to get the dead cells off. I love the Cetaphil because it is gentle and non-drying, but still powerful enough to remove dirt and makeup.

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In the evenings, before bed, I use Prescriptives All Clean Fresh Foaming Cleanser. It's great at getting makeup off, especially eye makeup. I don't usually wear a lot of eye makeup (mostly just liner and mascara, sometimes shadow), and I'm not a fan of greasy eye makeup removers, so this cleanser keeps me happy. The downside - I just found out that Prescriptives is going out of business. Either I'm going to stock up on their cleanser or switch to using Cetaphil in the evening. The worst part is that I also use their custom-blended foundation. Guess I'm stocking up on that too.



I hate the feel of dry skin - it's itchy and uncomfortable. Therefore, my least favorite season is winter. Another reason why I hate winter is because it is cold. In the summers I use Quench Body Lotion once I've dried off. In the winter I usually skip lotion all together because once the water is off I am quick to bundle up in my bathrobe. But that causes the dreadful itchy, dry skin that I hate. So, in my eyes, Olay's invention of in-shower body lotion is absolutely genius! I think it first came out when I was in college, then I moved and couldn't find it anymore. I just bought a bottle a few weeks ago. Boy, I forgot how much I missed it! Now I can stand in the warm steam of the shower, apply my lotion, and rinse it off - all without getting cold! I just noticed on the Olay website, that they now offer a Quench version of the in-shower lotion, although I have yet to see it on store shelves near me. Maybe soon.


Also in the mornings, once I'm out of the shower, I use Olay Complete All Day UV Moisturizer for sensitive skin. Actually I use the target or walmart brand. They all have the same ingredients - I've checked. A quarter size amount on my face and neck is enough to keep things moisturized all day long - without any shine or grease.


Well there you have it. I'm thinking about adding a spot treatment to the mix in case there are any wedding-stress-induced acne flare-ups. Luckily I have plenty of time to change things around, if need be. How are you planning on achieving the bridal glow?

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