Thursday, November 19, 2009

christmas card tutorial

Inspiration can be found anywhere, in all shapes and sizes. Case in point - I used the save the date below as inspiration for our Christmas cards this year:

Here's my finished version, Christmas style:

Now for the tutorial. I've separated it into two parts - Envelopes and Cards. Sorry in advance for the poor quality photos.


Card stock
Patterned paper for envelope liners
Yellow or gold paper for stars
Cutting mat or hard surface
Star punch
Corner rounder
Baker's twine
Adhesive roller (glue or double sided tape also works)
Xacto (paper cutter or scissors)
Bone folder


1. Create a template and trace. First I made a template on a separate piece of card stock. It took some adjusting to get it right. One thing to note - if your envelopes are the lick and stick kind, make sure your template falls below the glue, or you'll have to tape your envelopes closed. Once you have a template, trace it onto the backside of the paper you plan on using for your liner.

2. Cut out your traced shapes. I like using a clear ruler and an xacto because it allows for more control, but scissors or a paper cutter will work just as well.

3. Fold your liners. This can be one of two ways. I used my ruler to line up from corner to corner and then used my bone folder to score the paper. You can also slip the liner into the envelope (pattern side up). Using one hand on the outside of the envelope, and the bone folder on the inside, fold both the envelope flap and liner down to create the fold line.

4. Apply adhesive to your liner. I used an adhesive roller, but you can also use glue or double sided tape. Make sure you only apply it to the top sides of the triangle. For my first attempt, I put adhesive on all sides and the liner ended up wrinkling when I opened and closed the flap. Ta da! All done!


1. Create your design and print on card stock. I made our design in Adobe Illustrator and printed it on kraft paper that I found at Hobby Lobby. Another option is to use stamps. Once you've printed (or created) your cards, cut out using an xacto, paper cutter, or scissors.

2. Round your corners. This step is optional. For this project, I really liked the look of rounded corners.

3. Cut out and glue on your stars. This is also optional, depending on your design. I very well could have just added a star in the initial design and printed it on the kraft paper. Instead I chose to add more dimension by using a paper punch and textured yellow paper.

4. Print and cut photos and adhere to cards. Again, this is optional depending on your design. I like including photos in holiday cards. I'm sure most of them end up being thrown away, but whenever I visit Grandma's house she always has it hanging on her fridge. If it makes grandmas, grandpas and parents happy, it's worth it in my book.

5. Cut notches. This is so your string doesn't slip off of your card. I used my ruler (which wasn't even really necessary) and my xacto to cut two little notches on either side of the card.

5. Wrap your string and tie a bow.

And you're done! Here's the finished project again:

These were great practice for all of the wedding projects I'm sure I'll be working on in the near future.

Do you find inspiration in any unexpected places?

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