Monday, November 2, 2009

NYC day 2 - Kleinfeld's (part 1)

FINALLY - the long awaited Kleinfeld's post. Our appointment was at 11:30 am on a Friday. We arrived a bit early to a room full of brides-to-be and their friends, family, etc. There was a sign alerting patrons to the filming of Say Yes to the Dress and the possibility that you might be in background shots. After some waiting, some of the consultants started to come out to collect their brides. It was kind of surreal to see these people in person that I usually watch on TV every Friday night. My consultant ended up being Camille - she was incredibly nice and very knowledgeable! She led my mom and I into our dressing room to put down our things and discuss my inspiration photos (which, by the way, you are REQUIRED to bring at least 5). I also showed Camille photos of my venue. We completely lucked out with our appointment because that day was the first day of Anne Barge's trunk show. Bridal week was only the week before, so this was the first day her new dresses were being shown to the public.

Camille took us out onto the main floor to start looking at Anne Barge's collection. I wasn't a huge fan of the first dress she showed me, but said that I would try it on. We chose a few more, I was introduced to Randy (!) and Anne, and then we went back to try everything on.


This was the first dress I tried on (not the first dress Camille picked). Sweetheart neckline, a-line skirt, lace appliques. It was very pretty, but like all of the other dresses I had already tried on - no emotional response. I liked the neckline and the ruching at the waist, but I wasn't crazy about the a-line. Anne came in and explained that the dress could be customized so that the skirt was more fit and flare and they showed me some different variations.

The next dress I tried on was the first one that Camille had picked out. She thought it would be the perfect fit for my venue. It was fit and flare and had a slight dip instead of a full sweetheart neckline, a tiny bit of sparkle, and very romantic. Of course I didn't notice any of this until I put it on - on the hanger it didn't really look like much at all. It looked very nice, very pretty - but still no emotional response. But Camille and my mom really liked it, so we went out to one of the mirrors on the main floor. Then they put the matching veil on my head. And it happened. It FINALLY happened. My heart started to race and the tears started to flow. Anne came over again and told me that I was the first bride (other than the model) to even try the dress on and that it was exactly how she envisioned her design. It was a wonderful experience!

Did you hold out for an emotional response while dress shopping?

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  1. Wow that store sounds like a dream! So glad you had such a lovely wedding dress experience.