Wednesday, November 4, 2009

finding the perfect venue (part 3) where was I? Venues, I think. With all that dress excitement, I almost forgot.

So there ended up being three venues that the future mister and I visited.

1. John Oliver Michael House

Pros: historic, LOVED the room for the bridal party to get ready
Cons: 15-20 minutes outside of town, the barn was small, fairly new and not quite as rustic as I would have liked

2. Tucker Plantation

Pros: historic, rustic, air conditioned, gorgeous
Cons: 20-30 minutes outside of town, poor lighting in ceremony area, bridal suite not as nice, more expensive

3. The Hill

Pros: historic, rustic, beautiful houses for the bridal parties to get ready in, and only 5 minutes from downtown!
Cons: the reception won't be in an actual barn

Did you make a pros and cons list while searching for a venue?

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