Thursday, November 5, 2009

finding the perfect venue (the final installment)

Which one did we choose? Well, The Hill, of course! It had pretty much everything we wanted, with the added benefit of being in town. The Hill is owned by Lee Epting, who also owns Epting Events (check out their blog for other events they've done). I think I first heard about Epting Events and The Hill through the wedding blogs when I saw this absolutely gorgeous wedding.

(photos by Our Labor of Love)

Since Epting Events rents this venue exclusively to their clients, they will be our event planner as well. One great thing about them is that they pretty much handle everything (or as much or as little as you want) - catering, florals, rentals, etc. We paid our deposit to lock in the date and have an initial proposal that includes a sample menu, but right now we're pretty much in a hold since the wedding is still so far away. But that's okay with me! I was just so happy to have such a big "to do" marked off my list.

What was the first wedding "to do" that you marked off your list?

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  1. Looks beautiful! Can't wait to see how it will be for your wedding!