Tuesday, November 3, 2009

NYC day 2 - Kleinfeld's (part 2)

After my magical moment, just to be sure, we went back in the dressing room and I tried on about 15 other dresses. Unlike before when everything was just a pretty dress, now nothing could even compare. It was like night and day. So we put that dress back on, just to triple check. My heart started racing again. Yep, I was POSITIVE. This was THE ONE. So, of course, WE SAID YES TO THE DRESS! In a whirlwind of activity, my measurements were taken, I spoke to Anne again about customizing my dress to be more of a sweetheart neckline, and we filled out the paperwork. We received an extra discount, per Ronnie, plus some other extras were thrown in as well (including the dress customization, which usually costs 10% of the dress). Then we put down our deposit. Instead of doing alterations closer to where I live, I decided to have the dress sent to my parents' house so that I can get my alterations done at Kleinfeld's. This way, I get to see all of my new Kleinfeld friends, have my mom with me, and also have an excuse to go into New York a few more times.

Me with Camille. And see that below? That's a picture of a very happy bride-to-be who just found her dream dress.

Any other Kleinfeld brides out there? What was your experience like?

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  1. YAY!! YAY for finding your dress! And at Kleinfelds nonetheless! How exciting! Can't wait to see which one you picked!