Tuesday, May 25, 2010

signature drinks

So far there has been much waffling on the subject of alcohol. Late last summer, at the very early stages of planning, my father suggested a beer and wine only reception. This surprised us as it is well known that my father LOVES bourbon. Our initial thoughts were that we would upset our guests if we only offered beer and wine. Well over the past (almost) year, after getting feedback from friends, looking at the budget, etc. I decided that beer and wine only was probably a pretty good idea. However, the future mister was still opposed. So I suggested maybe doing a full bar during cocktail hour and then beer and wine only during dinner/dancing. Unfortunately, that option still concerned me regarding the budget so I later suggested a limited bar during cocktail hour (rum, vodka, bourbon - my dad's favorite, scotch - his dad's favorite, gin - his favorite and mixers). Again, I was still unsure of this option. Wellll, this past Sunday I think we both (finally) agreed on a solution!

Enter signature drinks.

Sunday evening we were sitting around watching LOST and the future mister made himself a gin and tonic. We had one lime left over from vacation but he wasn't going to use the whole thing himself, so I decided to make myself a drink too. We don't usually have the mixers for mixed drinks, but vacation with my parents sent us home with ginger ale and pomegranate-cranberry juice. Take a look at my creation:


Absolut Mandrin
Pomegranate-cranberry Juice
Ginger Ale
Squeeze of 1 lime slice

Yum! I'm usually a mojito girl (or pinot noir), but this was surprisingly refreshing. And definitely less complex than a mojito to make.

So my final suggestion - wine and beer plus two signature cocktails (my crazy creation and gin and tonics). Surprisingly the future mister was totally on board with this idea! (Although he is still worried that his father will want scotch - and to that I say that's what flasks are for!)

Now here's where I need your help. If we end up having these signature drinks, what should I name them? I'd love something catchy and wedding related. Please help!


  1. Sounds delicious! Will need to try! Do you have special places or pets that you could name the drinks after?

  2. we are doing beer and wine with signature drinks as well...I keep saying that I would like to do Red Robin's strawberry lemonade as one of the night's specials (with a twist of alcohol, of course) :-)

  3. Sounds like a great idea! We’re naming our signature drink “Summer Sangria,” to reflect our favorite season. I’d say you should try to pick a name that reflects either something fitting with the theme of the wedding or your relationship.