Thursday, May 13, 2010

surprise! we're getting married next friday!

Not really. But our jeweler seems to think so. For the past few weeks the future mister has been receiving phone calls from them telling him that his wedding band is ready to be picked up. Every time he has had to explain that our wedding isn't until NEXT May. Then today he received an email with a photo of the wedding band along with, "Congratulations on your wedding! It will be here very soon!" They also included their hours - probably to remind us that we still haven't picked it up yet. I think this is funny. Despite the fact that he's told them multiple times, I guess they just keep forgetting to change the date in their computer. But that's okay, because now I have a photo to show you (read my previous post on the ring here).

I love that it's a fairly traditional style with a bit of a twist (rose gold). We still haven't picked mine out yet since it will most likely need a bit of customization to fit with my e-ring. When we purchased the future mister's band (right out of the case, at a discount), gold was at an all time high. I'm not sure what it is now, but hopefully it will be a bit cheaper by the time we make it up to Charlotte again (the only downside to our awesome jeweler is that they're located 3 hours away).

So tell me, did your guy opt for a traditional ring or something more unique?


  1. LOL! I think he made a great choice. My fiance went with a very simple, classic yellow gold ring.

  2. Nice choice! Mr. Milk went for a simple platinum band with a modern twist.

  3. Your ring looks absolutely stunning! My husband and I went with the traditional white gold ring with our names carved on it. It was quite a task to select which vendor to get it from. I’m grateful to my online wedding site for giving me a list of vendors for the ring we wanted. We were able to assess each option per cost, delivery time, availability, etc. Anyway, I would like to congratulate you even though I’m way too late!

    Lavonne Seaton