Monday, May 10, 2010

weekend recap & celebration dinner

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend! I was off on Friday, again, but this time it was for a small medical procedure. So I mostly took it easy this weekend. Lots of time on the couch watching movies. The only time I left was on Saturday for a picnic in the park with friends to celebrate the end of another semester. The future mister just completed his first year as a PhD student. Here we are this time last year at his M.A. graduation:

Another year down, four or five more to go. I'm incredibly proud of all that he's accomplished so far. So we're going out tonight to celebrate at our favorite restaurant - Farm 255. We haven't yet lived here for one year, and we've gone to this restaurant for every special occasion - after our engagement, his birthday, end of fall semester, my birthday, parents in town, etcetera, etcetera. Not surprisingly, this place is at the top of our short list for rehearsal dinner locations (more on that later).


Yum - I can't wait! Is there a particular restaurant that you frequent for special occasions?

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  1. Have fun, and congrats to him on completing his first year!