Monday, September 20, 2010

me vs. the yudu (part 3) - success is mine!

Sorry, I totally skipped over part 2. Trust me, it would have been boring anyway as it was the exact same thing as part 1 - yell at my printer for an entire day because it won't print a transparency, finally get the transparency to print, burn the screen, test print. Our names still weren't clear enough, which is why we are now at part 3.

It's true what they say: third time's a charm. After another slight tweak to the design, a perfectly printed transparency on the first try(!!), and a beautiful screen I was ready to go. I held my breath and mentally crossed all of my fingers and toes and a few minutes later I had this:

I completed 12 hankies before I needed to wash out the screen. Once it was dry, I did about 11 more, with two mistakes. So, 21 down many, many more to go. Now that I have a good screen, the process is pretty quick and I hope to have them all printed in the next few weekends. Then they'll all need to be heat set with the iron, folded and packaged up. I'll share the final outcome once they are all out in the mail, sometime between now and November.

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