Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sanford Stadium

Last week I was checking our event planner's blog, as usual, when their newest post caught my eye. Sanford Stadium, home of the Georgia Bulldogs, can be rented out for parties. More specifically, rehearsal dinner parties!

Now, I'm not a big sports fan and really could care less about hosting a party at the stadium, BUT the future mister loves sports, so this excites me simply because I know that he would get a huge kick out of it. Although our plan was to nail down our rehearsal dinner location this summer, it ended up falling by the wayside. So despite my lack of interest in anything sports related, we've decided to at least add the stadium to our list of remaining places to check out. On a side note: I think I may have found a good compromise since I shot down the future mister's request to have the mascot, Uga, at our wedding.

Where did you hold your rehearsal dinner? Would you consider a more unique location like a stadium rather than the usual restaurant or hotel?


  1. I think the stadium would definitely be a fun and unique location. We kept things low-key at a family-style Italian restaurant, but I would have been open to more unique spots, as well.

  2. YES, YES, & YES! I had my rehearsal dinner at Tei Kei's....Boring. If I could do it over then I would have done something completely unique. So, a stadium would be awesome! :D