Thursday, September 23, 2010

sew talented

My mama can sew. I've mentioned it once before - here - but I'll elaborate. When I was two or three, my mom made me a Cinderella costume for Halloween. This wasn't your ordinary Cinderella costume, though. Half was rags and the other half was a pretty dress. I really wish I could show you a picture, but the only one I have is in my room at my parents' house. UPDATE: I found the photo! My mom had already scanned it in for me and I just now realized that it was saved to a USB drive I had in my possession.

Then, in 6th grade I got the grand idea to be Little Bo Peep for Halloween so that I could trick-or-treat with my "lamb." Well Little Bo Peep isn't the easiest costume to find in stores, so mom made it.

For my freshman year in college, my mom made me a duvet cover and pillow covers because I couldn't find anything that I liked for my twin sized bed. It was blue plaid on one side and white with blue, green and pink dragonflies on the other. And when I moved into an off-campus house junior year, she made me another duvet, bed skirt and pillows for my full sized bed. I loved this fabric so much, that after college she tore the duvet apart and made me more pillows for my couch and window coverings. These pillows and curtains currently reside in our guest bedroom/craft room/my office since they're on the girly side and not gender neutral enough for the living room.

Last summer, after we moved in together, mom came to stay for a week and whipped up some pillows and drapes in this pretty blue, green and tan paisley print. Love.

How is any of this wedding related? Well, mom is offering her sewing talents for the wedding! So far, she'll be making my garter and the ring bearer pillow - I'll post some inspiration soon.


  1. Wow! She's really talented, and her additions will definitely be a special touch at your wedding. It's so nice that you can include her in that way.

  2. Gotta love a Mom that can sew! Loving that Bo peep costume - and your furry sheep.