Thursday, September 16, 2010

peachy keen

As you all probably know, the future mister and I had some of our engagement photos taken in a peach orchard.

photos by Heidi from Our Labor of Love

Well, FSIL/Bridesmaid Katie sent these peach favor inspiration photos earlier this week. What cute ideas! And a great way to incorporate the future mister's *insane love for peaches.

mini peach pies (source)

peach preserves (source)

My only concern with something like these is that they could be pretty pricey. And to be honest, I was considering cutting favors all together since a majority of our guests will be from out of town and I plan on delivering OOT bags to the hotels. Having one favor per couple or family is always an option.

What did you do/are you doing for favors? Do you think guests expect them?

*I'm not kidding. He could probably eat an entire bushel in one sitting.


  1. These may be an expensive option, but there are plenty of things you can do that would be more affordable and still allow you to give favors to your guests. I do think they're a nice touch, but are definitely not expected. What about DIY tins with peach-flavored jelly beans or candy?

  2. Maybe not peach flavored favors, but peaches elsewhere could be an option! My friend had peaches incorporated in her centerpieces (they were made mostly of flowers). It was actually super pretty and had a nice splash of color into the centerpieces. It made people say,'wait, what?(in a good way!)' :)

  3. What are you going to put in your out of town bags? My wedding is going to be at sort of a midpoint between the two families, so I am definitely trying to decide between favors and nicer welcome baskets as well.