Tuesday, September 21, 2010

time flies

...when you're having fun planning a wedding and under the 1 year mark. Only 8 months to go! According to the email I received from theknot.com today, this month I should be registering for gifts, choosing a cake, and planning our table decor - done, done and done.

Here's what we've got going on:

save-the-dates - work in progress
hotel blocks - almost complete; waiting to sign one last contract
transportation - we've picked a company, but can't sign a contract until the new year
day-of-coordinator - the contract is signed and the deposit was mailed in yesterday!
bridesmaids dresses - heading to Atlanta with my girls on October 9th

Right now I feel like I still have a good grasp on things since we have most of the big ticket items out of the way. I have a feeling, though, that all of the small details will start to sneak up on me as the months progress. Did anyone else feel this way during their planning?


  1. I think as long as you stay on track, you can definitely keep the smaller details from sneaking up! I felt like I had the opposite problem -- I wanted to do everything too early!

  2. You have SO much time - and you've already done so much. With 99 days to go we had nothing - we always leave things to the last minute - and somehow managed to pull it together (although I wouldn't recommend this).

    But YAY for less than a year to go!