Thursday, January 6, 2011

happy new year! holy crap!

Sorry for the long hiatus! Hope you all had a fabulous holiday. The future mister and I got back in town right after New Years and I've been a girl on a mission. Have I been asleep for the past three months??! Because, all of a sudden, it seems like I just woke up to discover there are less than five months until our wedding. Holy crap!

It's been such a long engagement - which I initially thought would be a great thing. I've realized, though, that the extra time wasn't as helpful as it seemed. It was a lot of waiting, waiting, waiting and then BAM! - time to hurry up and get the rest accomplished. There are only certain things that you can do so early in advance. I wrote out a (very) rough list of all that has yet to be done (rough because I'm sure I'm forgetting a TON of little things) and afterward felt like throwing up. How did this happen? I had a long engagement! I was on top of things! Ha, wedding you fooled me!

Anyone else feel like this? At what point in the planning process did it hit you?


  1. I know what you mean! The new year really made things hit home for me in 2010. But about five months is plenty of time, and as long as you stay on track, you'll definitely get it all done. It's your wedding year -- how exciting!

  2. This scares me a little! We're about to hit the 12month countdown mark but I don't finish my MA until September so I just know that a lot of things will be put off until then. Hoping it's happy stress though (unlike the essay deadline I have hanging over me at the moment... I'd rather be working on our Save The Dates than this 5000 word essay, that's for sure). Can't wait to see all your plans unfold, I just know it will be beautiful. xxx