Friday, January 28, 2011

just call him mr. suave

Happy Friday!!

A few weeks ago, while we were in Charlotte picking out and picking up our rings, we also purchased the future mister's wedding suit! It is the Brooks Brothers Fitzgerald 1818 suit in charcoal gray. Both the sales consultant and tailor commented that the future mister had the perfect build for this suit (we have to agree since we kept coming back to it after looking at Jos A Bank, Macy's, etc.). It did need a few minor alterations though, so we left it in Charlotte. And this week, a shiny, new, tailored suit arrived on our doorstep!

don't let him fool you, the future mister really is excited about his new suit

now that's better!

I get so giddy thinking about how this is what he will be wearing when we get married! Now we just have to find some ties for him and the groomsmen and maybe a new shirt and new shoes.

Did any of you get excited when picking out your fiance's wedding day attire?


  1. Mr. Tattoo is picking his own suit, but I like the direction he is going with it. Your FI looks great!

  2. I got really excited when we went to pick out the attire for both he and our fathers. Each step just makes it more real!