Monday, January 24, 2011

that's amore...

Even though it hasn't been too much work, our rehearsal dinner venue search has been a bit of a long one (at least compared to most of the other wedding decisions). The future mister and I started looking over the summer. Well, at that point we were certain we wanted to have it at our favorite restaurant. We met with them to discuss logistics only to sadly realize it wasn't in the cards (read: insane prices and no flexibility). Many months have gone by without any decisions being made, so over the holidays we decided it was high time to start searching again. The future mister contacted another restaurant a few weeks ago to find out that they're already booked for our date.

You know how they say that everything happens for a reason, right? So true. This past weekend, my future in-laws were in town to finally nail down a venue. We had dinner set up on Friday night at a quaint Italian restaurant downtown and then Saturday lunch at a local bakery/cafe with the perfect outdoor patio. Friday night's dinner was sooo
o good and everyone was so impressed, that lunch on Saturday ended up being a mere formality.

Our rehearsal dinner will be taking place at La Dolce Vita. I love this place for so many reasons.

1. Authentic Italian food - In college, I studied abroad in Italy for four amazing months. Real (as opposed to Americanized) Italian food has a special place in my heart stomach. And the owner of the restaurant is Italian, so big plus there.

2. Intimate setting - Our RD is only for about 30 people, but the restaurant is on the smaller side so we'll be renting the entire space out for the evening. One of the other options we discussed with the owner was putting dividers up...but that still wouldn't give us the privacy we want. Now we can catch up, toast, show our slideshow, etc. all without having to talk over or disturb other restaurant patrons.

3. Family style - Our FIVE course Italian feast will consist of an appetizer, mixed greens and caesar salads, two or three pasta dishes, one or two meat/entree dishes, and one dessert - all served family style. At first, the future mister and I really wanted a plated, served dinner (since the wedding will be a cocktail buffet). But after thinking about it, family style is sooo much better! Now no one has to worry about ordering the wrong dish and/or wanting what someone else has - it's all up for grabs!

4. Menu flexibility - Right now the restaurant is using their Fall/Winter menu, so what we tasted on Friday won't necessarily be what's in season come May. The owner basically said we can do whatever we want. We can choose our menu now, wait until March/April, or even request special dishes. And on the night of the RD he can make special plates for our ring bearer and flower girl, as well as the future mister's grandfather who doesn't like/can't eat dishes with a lot of Italian spices.

I could go on (and on), but you get the drift. How did you choose your rehearsal dinner venue?


  1. Ooooo it looks lovely, I adore italian food too. I could eat my own body weight in pasta!!

    I don't think we really have a rehearsal dinner as such at UK weddings. At least if we do I've never heard it called that. Having said that, the evening before our wedding we'll all eat together at the hotel we're staying at. It won't be a huge crowd, mostly immediate family and the bridesmaids and groomsmen that are arriving the day before. I'm not even sure what kind of food they serve, I think it's traditional British fare though so very different to your Italian feast!


  2. Looks great! Must be relieved to final have that squared away!

  3. That place looks great!! I too had been dragging my feet on rehearsal dinner. But, I think we decided that we're actually going to host a relaxed BBQ at our house the night before. which sounds like a crazy idea because there'll be so much going on..but I'm actually really excited about. I'm talking...pizzas, beer, and sitting outside in our backyard w/ our best friends for the night.

    Congrats on checking one more thing off the list!